About Me

Hi, I'm Tom. I’m a friendly and motivated Level 3 qualified Personal Trainer. I own Armer Fit and I’m a keen runner, rower, rugby player and weight trainer.

I love to help people achieve success in their personal fitness journey, whether the goal be fat loss, muscle gain, improving running times and sports performance, or simply to feel better for day to day life. I design fitness programmes according to the client’s goals. We then work together to plan what they want and how it can be achieved. I constantly assess and appraise the goals that have been set and ensure that the client reaches an optimum fitness level.

I’d always had a passion for fitness before I suffered a serious knee injury. While I was injured, my weight crept up as I became physically and mentally trapped in a mostly sedentary lifestyle. After almost a year out of action, an operation to fix my knee worked wonders and I ventured back into the gym determined to get back into shape. I loved the process of planning, training, and seeing and feeling improvement. That’s when I decided to study to become a Personal Trainer.

Before PT-ing I was a TV Producer and worked on lots of sports and entertainment shows such as; Big Brother, Dynamo: Magician Impossible, The Clare Balding Show, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and the Rugby World Cup.

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